Newspaper from the Future!

Gray Foundry Under a Blue Sky

     Hello, Reader. Thank you for joining us again this week. I want to sincerely apologize for our absence last week. Riley came over to help me figure out what that smell was, and something very strange happened. Long story short, we figured that smashing a big hole in my wall was going to help with the stench, not that the smell was coming from the wall, but for ventilation? I don't really remember, to be honest when you're in my house for a long time, the fumes really start to get to your brain. Anyway, when we knocked the hole in we found some sort of newspaper from the future. It had an article about this Ornithologists Convention with a lottery type thing. The prize was an all expenses paid bird-watching vacation! Maybe it was the fumes, or maybe just our love of birds, but we packed our bags and went. When we showed up it was refreshing. Bird enthusiasts as far as the eye can see! We had an amazing time at the convention and made a lot of new friends. We loved every one so much that we couldn't in our heart ask for the winning lotto numbers and take the opportunity away from some other lucky birdwatcher. The expo was a blast and it lasted the entire week! Riley and I learned so much and had a ton of fun. Everyone seemed so sad when they announced the winner, and patted him on the shoulders. He didn't seem too happy to win, maybe it was the nerves! I understand, I was pretty jealous of him (just like everyone else!). We hope that our newly enhanced wealth of bird knowledge will bring something new to the website for you to enjoy. Thank you so much from reading, and I hope you stay tuned for the articles to come!


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