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I Forgot National Bird Day

Hello, Reader. Welcome back to The Bird Inspector. If this is the first article you've ever read I would be both in shock that anyone reads this who isn't my mom or my next door neighbor, Mark, as well as sad to announce your unfortunate timing. I usually try to keep my articles pretty upbeat, but I really dropped the ball on this one. Since the September of 2018, when the single greatest bird website to ever exist was thrust into existence by myself and our ex-writer and site administrator, Riley, I was planning on making a post for National Bird Day, and Reader, I'm sorry to say that I've failed you for the second time in a row. 

January 5th only comes once a year. One day out of the 365 to celebrate the animals that bring us all together, the animals that have brought you here today, and I missed it. For that I am truly sorry and I hope that my failure as a writer will not keep you away forever, but I do understand if you are a little mad. Honestly you can't real…

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