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Bird of the Month: Cerulean Warbler

 Hello, Reader. Welcome back to my bird website. It is my great pleasure to announce to you the first ever Bird of the Month, the Cerulean Warbler. This was a very difficult choice for me and when I finally made up my mind it was one of the most gratifying feelings in my entire life. I just feel so happy I chose this bird. Just say it, "Cerulean Warbler". Yes!  I looked up their call on YouTube, Reader, and I was not disappointed. I would say simply unimpressed, yet I must admit a mighty call from such a small bird. Let it be noted that these birds average a height of 4.3 inches. I understand that you would have a general idea of its size from the picture posted above. I mean just look at it. It doesn't seem that tall at all, but yep 4.3 inches tall. Now Reader, observe my short ode:  Oh Cerulean Warbler, Feathers blue and white I miss your wise looks And I miss soulful heart  Why is it so that I cannot hear your song? Oh Cerulean Warbler, Hear my ode to thee I hope to se

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