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Top 5 Causes of Bird Death

Hello, Reader. Welcome back to the Bird Inspector. I've been getting a lot of emails recently (not really, but it's nice to pretend) about the causes of death of our friends in the sky. I have toiled much to bring you this information so it would be nice if you showed a little gratitude for once in you life instead of constantly emailing me asking for more content. Sorry this free service I provide for you isn't quite up to your specifications, Reader. Jesus Christ. 5. Pagans  Now Reader, this probably comes as no great surprise to you that Pagans would be somewhere on this list, I know I wasn't terribly shocked. The World Wide Bird Association (WWBA) reports that Pagans are responsible for about 9% of annual bird fatalities. Not as high as I would've expected, but a good enough showing to place them on the list. I would expect them to move up higher in the next 10 years or so seeing as Modern Paganism is definitely on the rise. It's just math, Re

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