Bird of the Week: Saffron Finch

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Hello, Reader! I'm so glad you can join us again and take a look at another fine bird. This lovely little lady is called a Saffron Finch. The Finches love kickin' it in South America. So much so, in fact, that they cool it there all year round. If you happen to live in South America (even though I doubt you do because I can see what countries our views are from) and you want to invite a Saffron Finch to a dinner party you might want to start frying up some small insects and seeds because these guys just can't get enough of them! Their adaptability to new environments is astounding and, as long as I'm not being too bold, I'd like to steal an excerpt from because I feel as though they put it best when they  described the Saffron Finch like this: "Hardiness:     Hardy". Another thing to note is that these birds do not live in flocks and if you remember the article on bird counting this makes all known methods irrelevant. Thank you for reading about the Bird of the Week and look out for another article tomorrow!


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