Bird of the Week: The Eastern Screech Owl

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Before we begin with this weeks bird I'd like to address the font change. As you may or may not have read the site update article, you may be unaware of some cutbacks we had to make so that Riley and I could afford to eat. One of those sacrifices, Reader, was the font switch, so I'm dearly sorry.  
Thank you, Reader, for coming back again to check out another bird. Today we're taking a look at the Eastern Screech Owl. An interesting fact about them is that they come in two morphs. One grey and one red. Pictured above is a grey one? Yeah, I'm pretty sure it is. I'm not entirely sure though because Riley and I got into a little dispute about how "I've been hording the last of our food" and "Riley hasn't eaten in two days". To make a very long story short he ended up hitting me over the head whilst I slept and I haven't been seeing colors too well since then. I digress, the Screech Owl is rather small compared to other owls and without too much argument, at least from me anyway, one could claim that it's sized very similarly to an Robin. You would be extremely lucky to spot one of these guys in person; their patterns help them blend into trees and they usually only come out at night. Believe it or not, the Eastern Screech Owl is more often heard than seen. 
If you have any notable bird news encounters, or really anything at all going on, send me an email at ! Thanks again, Reader, for joining us and look out for some more articles coming this week!


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