Bird of the Week: The Snow Petrel

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Welcome, Reader, to this Bird of the Week. I think it's well past the time we inspect a bird from our lovely southernmost continent, Antarctica! Now you might think that this looks like a dove, but reader, if you really do think that, you're a dumbass. I'm sorry to be so forward with you, but you need to hear it. Doves are really just white pigeons. Does this look like a pigeon to you? If anything it looks like a gull. Would you please just shut up about doves? They wouldn't even survive one day in Antarctica and I prefaced the article by saying we would inspect a bird from there! Plus the name of the article says the name of the bird. Just drop it, okay? Anyway, if you're done being so ignorant, I'd like to continue. The Snow Petrel weighs about 300 grams on average. To put that into perspective: a compact disc, or CD for short, weighs about 15 grams, so imagine holding like 15 CDs, stand in front of your open freezer, and you may as well be holding a Snow Petrel by the Antarctic seaside.

I hope you've enjoyed the bird this week. Stay on the lookout for more articles, and thank you for choosing BirdInspector! 


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    1. Oh Reader, poor poor reader. It's almost as if you deliberately try to misunderstand me. My work is adapted from a point of higher understanding to your unworthy tongue. I try to simplify my thoughts to a point where even you, Reader, should be able to understand them. Oh bother, why do I even try?


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