My Apologies

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Hello, Reader. I have recently been receiving some negative emails about the font switch. Now I understand that not many of you have read the most recent site update, or maybe not even the Screech Owl review (where I explain again why the font was changed). At first I thought I could just push through it, but the most recent email informed me that the sender's father was the owner of Microsoft, and that he could get my account banned. I was very shocked by this and concerned, as you could imagine; I always want to bring you guys the most thought provoking bird articles, but now, Reader, I'm faced with a difficult decision: Change the font back to Times New Roman and have Riley and I starve to death, or keep the font changed and loose all of you lovely readers. I need time. I hope you'll hear from me again soon, but I can't promise anything. I love you all.


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