Bird of the Week: Western Tanager

A small yellow bird with a red face perches on the end of a stick.

Hello, Reader. Welcome back to The Bird of the Week. Today I'd like you to inspect this Western Tanager with me, but before we get into it I want you to know this: anything I say about this bird is absolutely made up because I didn't do any research.

The bird pictured above is actually a female of its species. You can tell that from its red face (males usually have a more brownish coloring). It does in fact live in western Africa and spends it's winters a little further south. A fun fact about these birds is that they are the only birds that live is groups of three. This is of course because it's so much easier to settle arguments this way, simply because there's always someone to break the tie. However this creates a whole interesting dynamic if there are two birds who really like to argue, let's call them Brad and Marissa, and one bird who always has to break the tie, let's call her Harley. Well, what ends up happening is that Harley will usually side with Brad because Brad uses a lot of very big words that Harley doesn't understand, so she just assumes that he's correct, even though most of the time he's not even using them correctly. This really grinds Marissa's gears for a number of reasons. The first of which being, she never gets her way. Sometimes she is genuinely wrong and has to come to terms with that in her own time, but in the times that she's right and Brad wins over Harley's vote just for using big words? Ridiculous. Secondly, it creates a divide between her and Harley. They've been good friends for so long, but Harley just can't see how much of an idiot Brad really is, and sometimes Marissa just sits there thinking, "Is this really it? Is this what my life has become?" And I'm sorry to say it, but yes Marissa, yes it has.


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