Back Already, Huh?

You again, Reader? We literally just posted an article like, earlier today. Why are you back already, give your mind some time to rest before delving into our bullshit again. Like I guess you're cool to be here but give it a break. Look, if this weren't my job I wouldn't be writing this right now, but it is, so I guess I have to give you some bird info. Strap in, Reader, this one might hit a little close to home. 

3 Ways To Tell If You Are Bird Brained

1. You Don't Know When To Quit
Birds often don't know when they have overstayed their welcome, or when they have overstepped their boundaries. A bird cannot tell if they are not wanted. If possible, ask yourself if you know when to quit. Have you left someone's company just to crawl back hours later? Think about it, Reader.

2. You Need Things In Simpler Terms
A bird has trouble understanding concepts that are otherwise very simple to those around them. Does this sound familiar, Reader? Has someone had to explain something to you in a way that you can comprehend? In simpler terms, do you need me to write this article again at a lower reading level? Just something to think about, Reader.

3. You Are Often Told To Think About Something
Do people regularly tell you to think about something specific they've been trying to explain to you? You see, Reader, a bird lacks the critical thinking skills of a person. This being said, if you have heard or seen someone being told to 'think about [something]', this could be a very clear sign that that person is Bird Brained. 

Reader, I'm very proud of you for making it all the way through this article. There were some big words in there! Now if you'd give us some more time, we'll be back soon enough with more articles for you. I hope I've given you plenty to think about, Reader.

-Jason Lee

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