Bird of the Week: The Eastern Bluebird

Photography of Small Blue and Brown Bird

 Hello Reader! Meet the first ever bird of the week: the Eastern Bluebird. The picture of above is a male bird. To a more casual bird enthusiast the male and female can be hard to tell apart unless they are side by side. The females usually have more tame colors present in their feathers like duller blues and grays, whereas the male birds hardly have any gray at all! These birds like to hang out in grassy flatlands with large trees. What neat little dudes! The males love finding spots to make their nests, and when they claim a spot for their own they gather nest material and flap their wings in hopes of getting some attention from the ladies.

Male Eastern Bluebird (Sialia sialis) feeding his hungry baby
This guy found a snack for his best bub

Believe it or not, Eastern Bluebirds are commonly found all over the Eastern United States, but if you're ever in Mexico or some parts of Central America you might spot one! If you're having trouble seeing one you might want to read Riley's Guide for Spotting the Eastern Bluebird. Check back later this week to find his tips and tricks. If you want to vote on our bird of the week follow us on Twitter @birdinspector_

Note From the Author: Hi, I'm Jacob. I hope you really enjoyed the bird this week. I want to formally apologize for the article last week being a little short. I was severely harmed when Mrs. Marling threw those things at me, and although I'm still recovering I want to still be putting out content for you to enjoy. Thank you for your patience and check back later this week for more articles!


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