Bird of the Week: American Black Duck

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American Black Duck

     Greetings loyal readers! This week's Bird of the Week is the (in)famous cousin of the Mallard, the North American Black Duck. These little fellas do well in more wooded areas surrounding lakes and ponds! Not cute enough for you? Feast you eyes on these little buckos:
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Majestic? Check. Handsome? As the dickins.

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Aren't they the most adorable little duck babies you've ever seen?
     If you still don't think they're cute you can get right the fuck out of dodge, chief. During the raising of their ducklings, both Black Duck parents share in the responsibility! How's that for equality? It takes 6 weeks for the ducklings to take flight, but once they do, they sure can fly! Black Ducks are largely omnivorous, feeding on anything from grass to fish. Nothing can stop these little buggers from eating (except for deforestation.)
     The American Black Ducks are closely related to the mallards, and they often interbreed. The main difference is that cool blue streak on the back of their wings. What could it really be? A rebellious tattoo? A racing stripe that makes them go faster? Scientists still aren't sure, but I'd like to hear what you think, loyal reader! Leave a message in the comments below and we'll use ancient African Voodoo to deliver the messages to the Duck God Geb.


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