Bird of the Week: Western Meadowlark

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Hello and welcome back to Thank you for joining us, and I hope you enjoy the bird this week: the Western Meadowlark. In terms of looks this little guy has it all! He's got some spots. He's got some stripes. A dope yellow chest? He's got it. Now I know what you're thinking, "I bet these guys love trees and probably only have one mate." Well think again. Western Meadowlark love open grasslands where they can scavenge for insects and seeds, and they will commonly mate with two other birds (isn't that neat?). The male birds will spend weeks at a time establishing a nesting area before the females even show up. When they do arrive they build their nests in the ground by digging into the ground and gather stems and whatnot to make it a little softer. And what's really cool is that they'll weave together little things they find laying around to make roofs for their nests! Also, these guys don't really like humans, and if you start making a ton of noise around their nests they might just up and leave! They're not gonna take any of your nonsense, Reader, and quite frankly neither am I.

I hope you enjoy the bird this week and maybe even research it some on your own. Take care of yourself and stay posted for more articles!


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