Bird of the Week: Noisy Friarbird

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Hello, Reader. Welcome back to BirdInspector. This week we're checking out The Noisy Friarbird. Our more diligent readers (don't feel discouraged if this doesn't pertain to you) will have noticed that we've been jumping from continent to continent with our weekly birds. Where do you think this bird is from Reader? If you'd like to guess, click here. A little fun fact about this guy: He eats plant nectar. Do you understand what that means? Let me put this in terms you could understand. Do you know what a butterfly is? Do you understand what they do? For your sake, and mine, Reader, I hope to god you do. And I'm not talking about the caterpillar part. It's the what they eat Reader! They evolved to eat the same things! That's all I'm trying to say. All I do is try to teach you, Reader, but sometimes it feels as though you refuse to learn. I digress, this is a very unique bird and I urge you to look up it's call on the internet, that is where it gets it's name after all.

Thank you for taking time out of your day to read BirdInspector. It really does mean a lot to Riley and I. There's gonna be a couple switches in the way we do things, but I assure you that there will be no lack of articles in the time being. 


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