Bird of the Week: Alder Flycatcher

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Hello, Reader. I know you've been wanting me to feature another Flycatcher since last week, so here it is. Please stop e-mailing me about it. To give a brief bit of info about this rowdy boy:
The name of his genus is Empidonax. Let me break down what that means. In Ancient Greek "empis" means gnat, and anax means "master". His specific name, alnorum, in Latin means "of the alders" So altogether he is "The Gnat Master of the Alders". If that doesn't make you feel fucking small and insignificant, I don't know what will. This bird has a way cooler name than you, and you will go to your grave without being able to do anything about it. If you ever come across one of these, Reader, drop to your knees and grovel. This bird owns you.


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