Birds: Analyzing the First 5 Search Results

Hello, Reader. Today we're going to be taking a look into a matter very dear to my heart: the first five search results when you look up "birds". As you know, birds are my passion, Reader, That's why I run this website: to share that passion with you, so the Google results are very important to me. Lets break it down:

1. Wikipedia
I feel like this is a pretty good one to have as the first result for a couple of reasons: it's a good introduction to the topic, it has a lot of good information backed by credible sources, diagrams, and is easy to read. If you read the entire page you'll end up knowing more than the average person when it comes to birds, and for this I give it an 8/10

2. National Geographic
This page is very weak in comparison to the Wikipedia. I feel as though it tries to distract the reader with various sliding panels and flashy displays that feeds into their own egotistical html coding superiority complex. Simply Reader, it lacks in real information, and for that I give it a 3/10

An organization about creating a safer environment for people and birds to live in harmony. Their website provides a lot of details about what they do and how to get involved. I urge you to check it out and see, not what the birds can do for you, but what you can do for the birds. 10/10

I'm starting to realize, Reader, that since I didn't download a new browser or anything, the search results are probably a little skewed towards what I would probably be searching for. At any rate I can already give this site a 10/10. It took me to their "Browse by Shape" search tool, and boy am I in love! This site is basically your one stop shop for bird research, a bountiful amount of information can be found here and gosh I'm just excited to share it with you. 10/10

This site is great for bird research as well and has a lot of great photos and videos of a ton of different birds. Plus it's easy to search and find the bird you're looking for. The presentation of the site, however, is a little cluttered and sometimes penible. 9/10

Well Reader, I hope you enjoyed this article and found some new sites to help further your research. Have a great day and, if you haven't already, think about signing up for the monthly newsletter!


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