Bird of the Week: Haast's Eagle

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Hello, Reader. Welcome back to BirdInspector. Dude, this guy is crazy. The bird of the week is the Haast's Eagle. This thing is freaking huge. It's wingspan could get up to about 10 feet. Imagine that absolute unit of a bird swooping and scooping . If I saw one I'd probably look like the moa on the left (pictured above) because I would be ready to zoot out of there. Also because in real life I kind of look like a moa.

Now I know what you're thinking, Reader, "But how big are the talons." Settle down. I'm getting there. Anywhere around 2-4 in. long. Pretty impressive if you ask me, but, just for the record, that's nowhere near the longest human fingernail length. That's gonna clock in at about 6.5 feet long. Don't believe me? Well, that just hurts my feelings.

The Haast's Eagle used to use its talons to shred these dumbass moa things. I don't even know. All these bros are from Australia so a moa is just like a worse emu? I'm not completely sure, but the moral of the story is that is sucks to be a jank ass proto-emu. I suppose, Reader, that it would suck to be either, because the bottom line is that they're both extinct now, but damn did they have one hell of a ride.


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