Bird of the Week: Confuciusornis


Hello, Reader. Welcome back to BirdInspector, your number one news source for all things bird(s). I understand that this weeks bird may be a little harder to comprehend, but before you start to "cry" and "rub your little eyes" let me remind you of my track record: Have I ever once let you down, Reader? When there was a bird that needed inspecting, I was there, giving you the rundown, once a week, every week, except for the month of February where I didn't get anything done at all. So when I present you with the Bird of the Week, Reader, you know darn well that I'll try and give you some info on the dang thing!

That being said, here's the facts:

  • old
  • Chinese
  • not very smart
  • very good at being the first bird with a beak
  • extremely good at that actually
Alright, Reader, I think that's all you need to know about this one.

Thanks for Reading and I hope you enjoyed The Bird of The Week.


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