Judging 5 Birds Based On Their Noises/If They Are A Bluebird

Reader! I'm so excited to see you, as always, and I'm sure you're just absolutely horrified to see that I'm back. Deal with it. Today, I have another list for you, ranking how good certain birds are based on their gnarly (or not so gnarly) bird noises, OR if they are a bluebird or not. I'm very excited to talk about anything I know absolutely nothing about, so let's get into it.

1. Bald Eagle

The Bald Eagle sounds more like a cackling 3 year old that has run out of breath and the laugh makes next to no noise anymore. Not impressive at all. However, I will give it a few points for also kind of sounding like a space battle with laser guns; 3/10

2. Owl

Owls make the classic 'who' noise and honestly? I love it. Everything about it makes me so excited for my present and future. I counted them down a couple points because I don't hear them very often and it makes me upset that they aren't more vocal. Very nice, owls; 8/10

3. Goose

This bird keeps telling me he fucked my mom; 0/10 and a big Fuck You

4. Storks

Storks are generally silent birds, not making many noises at all, however when they do make a lot of noise. they are almost certainly fucking. Not very appealing to my ears or brain feels, but I salute them for really getting it on; 10/10

5. Bluebirds

FUCK Bluebirds; 0/10

That was an emotional and physical journey, and I will now take some time to rest before I have to come back next week and post another goddamn article for five people to read. Goodbye, Reader, I hope to see you again.


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