Do Birds Know They're Having Fun?: A Tragedy in Three Parts

Hey Reader! What's Good! Boy have I got the scoop for you today, so sit back, recline in your Human Touch Perfect Chair "PC-420": Premium Full Grain Leather Hand-Crafted Zero-Gravity Walnut Manual Recliner, Cognac and please enjoy my aviary ramblings about our oh-so aviary friends.

Do Birds Know They're Having Fun?
Part 1

Now, Reader, I'm sure it comes as no surprise when I admit that I have no idea what I'm doing. Being completely honest I should have figured out what which part of the article would contain beforehand, I don't even have pictures for the article yet. But it always works out for me. See, I know how to bullshit my way through stuff like this for one reason: I eventually become aware of what I'm doing and can relate anything back to my point. Just like this; see I always figure out what's happening. Birds? No fucking way. They are not as self aware as we are here at Bird Inspector Headquarters. We love birds! But they just do not have the complex thought process to be so aware.

Do Birds Know They're Having Fun?
Part 2

So now we must get to the real stuff. We must focus on what we think the birds do know or do not know. So what do birds do? They:
  • Fly up in the air. Soar so high!
  • Crack walnuts with their beaks, oh joyous beak strength!
  • Find those sweet worms everywhere they go, glorious worms!
  • Witness God's sins

Do Birds Know They're Having Fun?
Part 3





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