Oh! To Be a Bird!

Oh! To be a bird!

Soaring o'er the heads of the ordinary!

Softly winging above the machines

used by Man; car, plane, and ferry,

finely and sweetly, oh how they sing!

Oh! To be a bird.

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Oh, Reader, to be a bird.

Aviary, industrious,

to observe thine wings all day and night

a corvid's: Lo! so illustrious!

shining from the start, to the end of Its' flight

How I wish, and dream, to be a bird.

Heavens, to be a bird!

And to soar to the Heavens! A bird never begs.

As I feel the intricate, subtle toils

subverting a necessity for legs,

for legs I need not, with airfoils.

Oh Reader, to be a bird.

Ah! To be a bird!

I would join with my fellow Feathereds

And praise an aviary Father!

But think nothing of my birdly religions,

As I observe my beauty crest o'er a water!

Oh! but must I only dream to be a bird?

I often dream of being on of the beings I so often admire. I suggest you share my aspirations, Reader



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